A Truce on Drugs?

Should legalizing or decriminalizing all drugs should be discussed as a possible solution to America’s drug addiction crisis?


If you are reading this in 2018, this year will mark the 41st year of America’s “War on Drugs”. The idea that drugs are the worst possible choice an individual can make has been disseminated to the masses; through early education, television ad campaigns, or lectures.

Many drugs can destroy a person’s mind and home, but the medical benefits drugs hold have led to some controlled substances being distributed via pharmacies. Just because a drug is rebranded with a plastic bottle and a scientific name doesn’t mean the malicious side effects of the drug become any less toxic.

Who’s winning the war on drugs? Drug prohibition has effectively eliminated the targeted drugs from the main stream. However, anything that can be branded illegal will almost certainly be followed by the emergence of a black market. South American cartels seem to be growing in power and global influence and illegal markets are one of their main sources of income.

“If you are reading this in 2018, this
year will mark the 41st year of
America’s ‘War on Drugs'”

Eliminating those illegal markets completely has been a proposed solution to criminal activity surrounding illegal drug. This would be achieved by cutting off the money supply to cartels and other underground drug markets. Drug money can even funneled for social restoration and other positive projects . Colorado is an example of how a once illegal drug being used to fund the states education programs:

Would legalizing all drugs create more problems than it solves?

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