Paul George Nike PG2 “Dark Obsidian” [Shoe Review]

Nike PG2 “Dark Obsidian”
Release Date: February 24, 2018
Colorway: Navy/Blue/Orange
MSRP: $110 USD

This version of Paul George’s second signature shoe was released February 24th. Paul George’s home team was taken into account when designing this shoe as it uses the same color palette as the Oklahoma City Thunder. I was very excited to pick these up as a diehard New York Knicks fan; the colorway is spot on with my Knicks gear. This shoe is a mid-cut athletic sneaker that is great for indoor, on-court action.


“The PG2 ‘Dark Obsidian’ has a
narrow fit, but the flexibility of
the rest of the shoe allows for
some wiggle room

The Nike PG2 “Dark Obsidian” sports a common silhouette. Nike mid-cut basketball shoes show consistency in their sleek approach to designing signature shoes. The simple design is complimented by the extremely breathable mesh fabric the shoe is made of.

The PG2 ‘Dark Obsidian’ has a narrow fit, but the flexibility of the rest of the shoe allows for some wiggle room. The mesh material used for the shoe is so light that the narrowness of the shoe can be easily dealt with by loosing the laces. This shoe fits like a glove when fully laced up and feel like an extension of your foot.


The PG2s insoles are responsive and mold well to the users foot shape. The shoe tongue provides extra padding (which some sneaker heads might dislike). Overall, this is one of the most comfortable athletic shoes I’ve worn.


The Nike PG2 ‘Dark Obsidian’ have become my go-to indoor basketball shoes. They are light enough to feel like laced up socks and durable enough to take a night full of running without hurting my feet. These shoes seem built to last a long time on indoor courts, but I would be hesitant to give these shoes any type of consistent run on outdoor courts. The mesh material is very light and the durability of the suede covered toe-cap and heel are called into question for those looking to purchase these shoes for outdoor use.

Mid-cut basketball shoes provide flexibility and comfort over most other things. The PG2 ‘Dark Obsidian’ takes flexibility and comfort to the next level. Personally, I have found that extra padding around the tongue and ankle give me more confidence and protection on the court.

“The Nike PG2 ‘Dark Obsidian’
have become my go-to
indoor basketball shoes.”


These shoes feature a unique traction pattern which is complimented by a light-periwinkle and orange colorway. The unique traction pattern preforms as great as it looks, providing enough grip to stop on a dime and make hard cuts.


The Nike PG2 “Dark Obsidion” was designed as a performance sneaker first, and a fashion statement second. The colorway is predictably that of Paul Georges’s home team but slight differences in the shades of blue make give the shoe different dimensions. Adding suede to the heel and toe-caps in an interesting innovation, that makes this PG2 feel lighter on the feet than some of its other variations.


The base of the PG2s colorway is Navy. The shell is layered with at least two other shades of blue and accented with a royal blue suede on the inner and outer heel. The shell is further accented with orange shoestring eyelets. My favorite element of this sneaker is the reflective Nike swoosh on the outside of each heel. The sneaky glimmer is a nice touch that seemed to be added as an afterthought.

The Verdict…

The Nike Paul George PG2 “Black Obsidian” will fit a little snug on the sides at first, but that is the worst critique I have to offer. A majestic predictable colorway, common design don’t hold this shoe back from shining where it was designed to shine: Performance! These kicks are…


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