Paul George Nike PG2 “NCAA” / “March Madness” [Shoe Review]

Nike PG2 “NCAA” / “March Madness”
Release Date: March 22, 2018
Colorway: White/Multi-Color
MSRP: $110 USD

Paul George’s second signature shoe was released March 22nd with a vibrant colorway. This version of the PG2s was released as a collaboration with the NCAA to aide in the promotion of the 2018 March Madness tournament. This makes absolute sense, as there are just as many colors on this shoe as there are March Madness college basketball teams. This shoe is a mid-cut athletic sneaker that is ready for action on and off the court.


“The biggest criticism against
the PG2’s comfort is how
narrow the shoe fits.”

The Nike PG2 “NCAA” has a fairly normal silhouette; there isn’t any extravagant caging or additions to the shoe that make it stand out against other Nike mid-cut sneakers. This simplicity in design helps keep the shoe light and comfortable, even when laced up all the way.
The biggest criticism against the PG2’s comfort is how narrow this shoe fits. Most basketball shoes I have worn will fit slightly narrow, however, when fully laced up the PG2s black caging towards the front of the sneaker can be felt through the light mesh material.

The PG2s insoles are extremely effective and work with the light mesh material to provide a great all-around foot cushion. The extended shoe tongue provides extra cushioning to the top of the foot and ankle.


Paul George’s second signature shoe doesn’t do much to shake up the current landscape of mid-cut basketball shoes. This does not detract from the shoes performance ability, which is adequate at worst, and above-average at best.



Playing basketball in these lightweight, mid-cut sneakers is a great idea… as long as you plan on playing indoors. The lightweight mesh material and lack of external caging means that you might be searching for another pair within a year if you play outdoor courts.

The traction pattern on the bottom of the soles had me mesmerized. The unique traction pattern and crayon box colorway performs just as well as it looks. The lightweight nature of this shoe will help users feel more agile.


The Nike PG2 “NCAA” was designed to capture the spirit of the March Madness into a sneaker. The contrasting colorway, reflective piping, and sleek shell are designed so well, Dick Vitale has them going Top 10 in this year’s NBA draft.


The base of the PG2s colorway is white. The shell is layers with a lightweight mesh, reptile-skin textured outer heel, and black caging at the middle of the shoe. Color contrasts of black and white were not enough though, Nike’s designers decided to melt a box of crayons into each shoe sole. These shoe soles provide an eye-catching organic patter and interesting eye candy with each stride.

The Verdict…

The Nike PG2 “NCAA” can run narrow and squeeze the middle of the foot, but this is the worst I can say about this version of the Nike PG2. A majestic colorway, sleek design, and above-average comfort means most sneaker-heads can consider this shoe…


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