5 Beautifully Black YouTubers to Follow Right-Now

Here are some of my favorite O.G. YouTubers that have been in the game for years and STILL create consistent and relevant content. It’s always nice to find creators that put in the effort to make their videos worth watching. These beautiful black women are great to watch if you are someone looking to grow your natural hair, learn some new makeup looks, and find some trendy and fashionable pieces to spice up your wardrobe. If you are looking to watch binge worthy black women who share their journey of embracing their natural beauty everyday, watch these ladies today!


From: Massachusetts, U.S.A.
YouTube Subscribers: 925,000


Whitney White, well known as Naptural85 in the Youtube community, is a graphic designer and creative natural hair blogger. She has three channels on youtube: Naptural85 which is her hair channel, DearNaptural85 which is her vlogging channel, and Whitney White where she uploads different types of videos such as makeup tutorials and challenges with her husband Felipe. Her main channel, Naptural85 is a great place to start if you are just now going natural and need to learn more natural hair routines and about natural hair in general. If you’re looking for a down to earth vlog to watch, you should definitely watch Dearnaptural85. She has vlogged her life since 2010 and has captured a great amount of adorable and funny moments with her husband and daughter Olivia.  


From: Texas, U.S.A.
YouTube Subscribers: 252,000


Jade, also known as Lipstickncurls in the youtube community is a talkative girlboss with great tips on being the best you that you can be. She does curly hair tutorials on her channel as well as makeup tutorials (hence the name). What I find most likeable about Jade and her videos is that she isn’t afraid to discuss topics that aren’t usually spoken about. She is on a journey to greatness just like the rest of us and shares her journey publically to help and encourage girls like her in this world of beautiful women.


From: Toronto, CAN
YouTube Subscribers: 497,000


Shaneice is the creator of her channel NaturalNeiicey where she is all about natural hair and fashion. Her hair tutorials are real, as in she doesn’t sugar coat for the brand. She gives her truthful opinion on the products she reviews. Her style is sporty but super cute at the same time. She does TONS of fashion hauls, so if you are looking for a new place to shop or are curious about specific items of clothing, check out her channel! She also has a vlog channel where she shares her travels and experiences.

Jewellianna Palencia

From: Maryland, U.S.A.
YouTube Subscribers: 329,000


Formerly known as JewJewBee, Jewellianna has been sharing her natural hair journey on youtube since 2013 and has managed to grow her hair to waist length! On her channel she shares tips and tricks for natural hair, does clothing hauls, and has a great amount of hair styling videos.

Raven Elyse

From: Texas, U.S.A.
YouTube Subscribers: 665,000

PNG image-7BA500F292A8-1

Raven isn’t necessarily a natural hair guru, but her videos are everything! Her channel is great for style, home decor, adorable vlogs with her two year old daughter named Ziya, and makeup tutorials! Her makeup skills are phenomenal and have a great range from everyday makeup to glamorous looks for any occasion. Raven is also quite the fashionista. She does clothing hauls that make you want to get up and play dress up while dancing around the house. You can find styled looks by Raven on her website www.RavenElyseTv.com.

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