Nature’s Knowledge [Episode 1]

Introduction to Cannabis


Cannabis is a flowering plant of the family Cannabaceae. Cannabis has two major cannabis species; Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. Cannabis’ main byproducts are hemp and marijuana.

Cannabis Sativa is a plant in the genus of Cannabis. The effects of Sativa plants are said to be uplifting and cerebral; sometimes even helping with creativity. Sativas usually have citrus-like or piney aromas. Cannabis Sativa plant leaves are usually skinny with long leaves.

Cannabis Indica is a plant in the genus of Cannabis. The effects of Indica plants are said to be sedative and Indicas can be recommended for pain relief. Indicas tend to have earthy aromas. Cannabis Indica plant leaves are usually short with wide leaves.

Hybrid refers to the parent genetics of a cannabis plant; a plant with any combination of sativa and indica parents will have a “Hybrid” designation. The potency, effects, and other characteristics of a hybrid plant depend on the parent strains and growing conditions.

Hemp is variety of Cannabis that has very low THC production. Hemp has been used industrially to produce rope, clothing, personal care products, and more.

Marijuana is one of the most common names used when referring to the cannabis flower. Marijuana is the part of the cannabis plant that can be smoked, vaporized, or further processed into concentrates or edibles. The cannabis flowers (or marijuana buds) contain most of the cannabis plant’s cannabinoids. These buds also produce terpenes; essential oils largely responsible for the smell and taste of a cannabis plant.

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