Artist Spotlight: ‘The Melodic Factory’ and Their Quest for Musical Mastery [INTERVIEW]

These Virginia Beach Natives and engineering geniuses have made a name for themselves in Phoenix, Arizona and it’s called, The Melodic Factory. 

The Melodic Factory focuses on Music Services and promotion with dedication to quality, convenience and affordability. Ayiie Biie and P.O.G. (Part Of God) built MF upon leaving their home state in hopes of creating their own movement.

This eclectic duo began as a proactive circle of friends just vibing in late-night creative sessions. Their group eventually decreased in size over the next years, due to personal reasons and was left with the two masterminds to build on old ideas with a new mindset. MF creates everything from visuals, film scores and their first love, creating beats for musicians!
I was able to schedule an interview with AB and P.O.G. in between our studio sessions for my own music project…

The MÆG: “What made you move to Arizona”?

AB: “It was all my plan, I was gonna come out here for my family. My mom had already left Virginia, so I told my music folks and 3 people out of the group decided to come out here with me including Jordan (P.O.G.), there was no real opportunity in Virginia”

The MÆG: “Whose idea was it to create The Melodic Factory?

AB: “That would be me, I didn’t realize that. In Virginia I had my own studio and invited my friends onto the team, we closed down after a few months…I owed the landlord some money and I didn’t have enough money to get it out so he kept my shit. I actually pulled up to get my stuff one day on a sunday back in 2014 and the place was locked…So we restarted last year and decided to not only bring back the idea, but to add a website and add photography services…and now…we out here getting those bags…hahahaha…just kidding.”

The MÆG: ” Do you guys classify yourselves into a genre? If so, which one?

AB: ” No, we are many genres and don’t fit in anywhere and its been hard for our career in music, we just decided to create our own shit and NOT try and fit in and through that we found other people to work with who were just like us…”

P.O.G.: “I would say…Avant-garde, why?… cause I’m doing something different.”

The MÆG: “How did you guys learn to make music?”

AB: “Yes, I taught myself engineering. I managed artists as well and did all my own research. I was in a band in middle school as well and that helped me become the person I am…”

P.O.G.:”From there I made beats in 8th grade when I got kicked out of my house and my family and I had to live in a hotel.”

The MÆG: “What age did you guys fall in love with music?”

AB: “Since the womb, of course. (laughs) When I was younger, I had to have been like 5. My dad is a DJ and I would just be in his studio listening to different shit and my mom liked all types of music too.”

P.O.G. :” I fell in love with music when I was a kid. I learned to play trombone in middle school and my grandmother got me a guitar when I was 6.”

The MÆG: “What type of artists do you usually work with?”

AB: “I don’t have a standard, doesn’t matter the style, but the work ethic…they have to be serious about it or else I won’t be about it. I’m open to different types of people.”

P.O.G.: “I work with mainly alternative artists.”


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