Artist Spotlight: DJ HMD

DJ HMD is a professional DJ and music producer out of Phoenix, Arizona. DJ HMD is originally from Portland, Oregon and has a resume that includes work with artists Franceuathegod and Bighead.

The MÆG: “What made you move to Arizona?”

I moved to Arizona to better further my DJ career and also network with other people outside of my hometown Portland, Oregon. Also all my family (for the most part) moved out here so that was a plus.

The MÆG: “Do you fit into a genre? If so, which one?”

I’d say I love to listen to all different kinds of genres. From rap to house to reggae music, but my favorite genres are r&b and hip-hop/rap. So I guess I could put myself in that category/genre.

The MÆG: “How did you learn to make music?”

I learned how to make music/DJ on my own. From a young age my parents let me listen to all kinds of music and I would create my own playlist and DJ all of our family parties. I started out by learning how to mix those songs together and later learned how to read music and scratch and from there would DJ my friends parties and now am living out my dreams and get paid to play my own music and my favorite artists music as well.

The MÆG: “What type of artists do you usually work with?”

I usually work with rap and r&b artists since that is my favorite genre. I have a lot of music on the way from soul and r&b to hardcore trap and rap music as well as House and EDM. I feel like a lot of people will be surprised when they see the music that I’m going to put out very soon. I’m always down to work with any artist though no matter the talent or popularity level.

The MÆG: “What age did you fall in love with music?”

I fell in love with music around the age of 10. My first concert was Ludacris. I remember his stage presence being insane and his DJ (at the time) was scratching live and was amazed by not only him but his DJ’s talent. My second concert I went to after that was Jay-Z and Kanye’s Watch The Throne tour and I remember seeing YE preform and from there on out have always worked towards being on stages and areas in front of big crowds like them.

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