Ready to Beat Malaria: Challenges & Opportunities

BY KOZAH, SAMUEL [KADUNA STATE UNIVERSITY]. Malaria and its treatment have become constant topics of debate and speculation not only in my country but the world over, as it has caused pain to many and death for others across Nigeria and other developing countries especially in Africa for many years.


2018 San Francisco Pride Parade

The San Francisco Pride Parade is a fantastic experience. People from all walks of life gather to celebrate freedom, individuality and love. The 2018 San Francisco Pride Parade featured floats, live bands, and large companies/brands that showed up to support the LGBTQ community.


Artist Spotlight: DJ HMD

DJ HMD is a professional DJ and music producer out of Phoenix, Arizona. DJ HMD is originally from Portland, Oregon and has a resume that includes work with artists Franceuathegod and Bighead. The MÆG: “What made you move to Arizona?” I moved to Arizona to better further my DJ career and also network with other…

EVO 2018 | Lil Majin Tekken 7 Highlights [POOLS]

Lil Majin a.k.a. The People’s Champ a.k.a. The King of America showed up and showed out at EVO 2018. Lil Majin’s dragon energy inspired me to create a highlight tape of his best EVO tournament yet. In the Pools, Lil Majin squared off against opponents who were looking to test his tournament mettle. The People’s Champ responds appropriately…

Munchies: G-Free Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies

Delicious Gluten & Dairy Free Cookies with Almond Slivers. [via natashanaturale.com] Between my twin sister and I, it is difficult to make plans with other friends. We love catching up with old pals but our schedules are so jam-packed it could be weeks until we could coordinate a time with a buddy of ours. Last Friday…

The Manuscript: A Worldly Art

 “A Worldly Art” by Mariet Westermann is a piece that primarily focuses on portrait paintings. Portraits are a specific style of painting and this essay sheds light on the different techniques, poses, and hidden symbolism that portraits feature. The time period in focus are the years between 1585-1718. This time period is also the time…