By MegaMan

K.O.D. Album Review [via]

Cole is a legend. That’s it, nothing else to say. Cementing his long-term legacy with yet another classic album in “KOD” that just released. Now this is not a first listen album, and honestly, I don’t recommend that you listen to any album just once before you give a true judgment. Cole gives layers and…

Fish Oil or Snake Oil? [via]

By the 1800’s snake oil had been used for centuries by the Chinese as an anti-inflammatory. This oil was derived from the Erabu Sea Snake, which modern studies are proving to be a potent source of omega-3s. The reason is similar to the reason why fish oil is the snake oil of our own century.


BASEMENT by RUSS & JESSIE REYEZ Russ and Jessie Reyez teamed up on this one and made a music baby! Although Russ has a lot of internet haters I’m still a true fan and bump his music everyday… sorry not sorry. So, when his latest single “Basement” came out featuring my new music woman crush…

Well Connected AZ | BrownBoi Maj

[Episode 9] BrownBoi Maj is an up-and-coming phoenix R&B/Hip-hop artist. Get to know him as Viv from the Well Connected AZ podcast delve into BrownBoi Maj’s inspirations, reasons for staying inside, and much more!

‘This is America’ by Childish Gambino [Full Analysis]

Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover) has burst back on the music scene with a song that has lyrics just as vividly descriptive as the music video. This song addresses a handful of controversial topics that remain hot-button issues on everybody’s social media timelines. You can find a myriad of interpretations for the visuals and lyrics…

Nature’s Knowledge: CBD Wellness

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Its use has become popularized recently with some experts projecting CBD products will reach $2.1 billion in sales by 2020… Finish Reading the Article Here!