By Lightedroom

Tiffany is the name. I am a freelance writer as well as a local musician known as Koi. I was born in Chandler, Arizona in 1992 and grew up in Gilbert, Arizona. I always knew I loved to write and music was my life, but I never thought I was good enough. My parents and friends played a big part in my talents and always pushed me to continue my interest in music and writing. I also started a Women's Motivational page when I was 18 years old called, Secret To Blue that is still in the works, but you can find the page on Facebook and Instagram as well. I attended a few different colleges in the past but ended up majoring in creative writing at Mesa Community College and I have 1 year left before graduation. I view myself as a very private and vulnerable person so I love to shine light on any artist that deserves recognition whether they are a driving force in the music scene or have not found their way yet. I am also a voice in the art community so I strive to focus on artists who create with love, humility and are really devoted on making a difference in locally or even globally.