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2018 San Francisco Pride Parade

The San Francisco Pride Parade is a fantastic experience. People from all walks of life gather to celebrate freedom, individuality and love. The 2018 San Francisco Pride Parade featured floats, live bands, and large companies/brands that showed up to support the LGBTQ community.


Artist Spotlight: DJ HMD

DJ HMD is a professional DJ and music producer out of Phoenix, Arizona. DJ HMD is originally from Portland, Oregon and has a resume that includes work with artists Franceuathegod and Bighead. The MÆG: “What made you move to Arizona?” I moved to Arizona to better further my DJ career and also network with other…

K.O.D. Album Review [via]

Cole is a legend. That’s it, nothing else to say. Cementing his long-term legacy with yet another classic album in “KOD” that just released. Now this is not a first listen album, and honestly, I don’t recommend that you listen to any album just once before you give a true judgment. Cole gives layers and…


BASEMENT by RUSS & JESSIE REYEZ Russ and Jessie Reyez teamed up on this one and made a music baby! Although Russ has a lot of internet haters I’m still a true fan and bump his music everyday… sorry not sorry. So, when his latest single “Basement” came out featuring my new music woman crush…