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A Truce on Drugs?

Should legalizing or decriminalizing all drugs should be discussed as a possible solution to America’s drug addiction crisis?


If you are reading this in 2018, this year will mark the 41st year of America’s “War on Drugs”. The idea that drugs are the worst possible choice an individual can make has been disseminated to the masses; through early education, television ad campaigns, or lectures.

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10 Quotes by Actual Black Panthers to Get Your Mind Ready for Revolution [The S.O.T. Project]

Seeing Chadwick Boseman run around the silver screen as the Black Panther was a reminder that black Americans still yearn for heros that look like us. The acrobatic, action-filled performance was perfectly complimented by a storyline and script which included many of the conversations the black community have amongst ourselves. [SPOILER] The beginning of the film even pays homage to the Oakland Black Panther Party in a way that ties the fictional story into our present reality.

It is inspiring to see a fictional masked vigilante fight for black people all around the globe, however, this Black Panther story is completely fictional and is not the only positive outlet required to begin to remedy the lasting problems within the black American community.

Let’s shift our focus to the actual Black Panther Party; the black political entity founded in the 1960s by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale. The founders and subsequent members of the Black Panther Party instilled fear in those who saw “Black Power” as an existential threat while emboldening an entire demographic of Americans who had been treated as second-class citizens. Check out these 10 quotes by actual Black Panthers that will have you feeling like T’Challa after his crowning ceremony: